Rice Krispies Treat Cereal Discontinued

If you are a fan of the rice krispies treat cereal from Kellogg’s, you may be wondering if this cereal was discontinued. This has become a common question after customers have started to realize that they aren’t seeing this kind of cereal in stores.

Many customers have the fear of companies removing their favorite products from their lines and grocery stores. This is something that happens quite regularly as companies may not be selling enough of that product or have other reasons for not wanting to sell it anymore.

This can be quite unfortunate for customers as it is never pleasant to have items that you enjoy buying discontinued. Once they are discontinued they are gone for good, and you won’t be able to buy them in stores again.

This is why so many customers have been worried about Kellogg’s having discontinued the cereal as they have not been seeing it in stores. Keep reading to find out whether or not the rice krispies treat cereal has been discontinued.

Is Rice Krispies Treat Cereal Discontinued?

If you were a fan of the rice krispies treat cereal, you may be wondering if this has been discontinued. Unfortunately, this type of cereal was discontinued by Kellogg’s in 2020, as it announced online to customers who were asking about it.

Rice Krispies Treat

This came as a huge disappointment to the fans of this cereal as it was such a unique option that many people gravitated towards. It has been one of the best sellers from Kellogg’s and seems to have a positive future going for it.

This was quite a dramatic decision that Kellogg’s made to discontinue this kind of cereal. Which is part of why so many customers took it to heart when they realized that they would not be able to buy this cereal again.

This is just one of the many kinds of cereal that Kellogg’s has discontinued over the years as it has removed certain cereals from its line. This has often come as a disappointment to customers who enjoy that kind of cereal and want to buy it again.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for companies to discontinue products without much warning. They often do this due to reasons within the company and often don’t disclose these reasons to the customers as an explanation.

Because of this, many customers are still upset about the fact that the rice krispies treat cereal is no longer available to them.


Now that you know that the rice krispy treat cereal from Kellogg’s has been discontinued, you may be wondering why. This was quite a popular cereal option, and it just doesn’t make sense why Kellogg’s would decide to discontinue it so suddenly.

The reality is that Kellogg’s had recently changed the recipe for this kind of cereal shortly before it was discontinued. There was never any explanation given for why the original recipe was changed, which resulted in many complaints.

The original rice krispies treat cereal was composed of clusters of rice krispies that were sweet and crunchy. But Kellogg’s changed the recipe to be rice crispy cereal with marshmallows thrown into the bag.

This did not go over well with customers as it took away the uniqueness of this serial option. This resulted in a huge amount of complaints as well as a petition being signed asking Kellogg’s to go back to the original recipe.

Unfortunately, Kellogg’s decided to simply discontinue this kind of cereal rather than go back to the original recipe. And never explain this decision though it may come down to reasons, such as:

  • Too difficult to make
  • Many complaints from customers
  • Not enough sales


If you have enjoyed the rice krispies treat cereal in the past, you may be wondering where this recipe has gone to. The reality is that this kind of cereal was discontinued in 2020 by Kellogg’s after it changed the original recipe.

No real explanation was ever given to customers about why this decision was ultimately made. Despite the fact that so many customers were very upset that the cereal had been discontinued for good.

There was a lot of discontent when Kellogg’s originally changed the recipe, plummeting the sales of the cereal. This ultimately might have been what caused it to be discontinued though so many customers were asking for the original recipe to be brought back.