Salsa Verde Doritos Discontinued

If you were a fan of the salsa verde Doritos, you may be wondering if this flavor of Dorito has been discontinued. This has been a common question after customers have had a hard time finding this particular flavor in stores.

It is not uncommon for companies to quietly discontinue specific products without letting customers know. This is why many customers tend to jump to conclusions and assume that a product has been discontinued without them knowing it.

Unfortunately, this does happen quite frequently, but it isn’t always the case like customers may think. Keep reading to find out whether or not salsa verde Doritos have been discontinued and whether or not you can buy them anymore.

Have the Salsa Verde Doritos Been Discontinued?

If you are a fan of Doritos, you may be wondering if the salsa verde Doritos were discontinued. The good news for customers is that this flavor of Doritos has not been discontinued, only production has been delayed for right now.

Woman Sitting in the Middle of Shopping Aisle Holding Dorito Chips

Many fans started to worry that the salsa verde Doritos had been discontinued when they stopped seeing them in stores. This caused quite a panic as this was a popular flavor that was still relatively new to customers.

Frito-Lay disclosed a statement to its customers letting them know that this flavor of Doritos had not been discontinued. Despite the rumors, this flavor is still being sold, but production had to be postponed for a period of time.

No real explanation was given for why this decision was made by Frito-Lay. But it did help to calm the panic that fans were in over their favorite flavor of Doritos being discontinued.

So it is safe to believe that the salsa verde Doritos have not been discontinued and will continue to be sold. There has just been a delay in production, and they may be hard to come by for quite some time.

Doritos has a long line of chips that it has to continue to create and disperse to stores to sell. If a specific flavor is no longer being made at the present time, there will be no chips of that flavor being disbursed to stores.

So do not be surprised if you do not see this flavor of Doritos in stores for a while.

Salsa Verde Doritos Are Hard to Find

Despite the fact that salsa verde Doritos have not been discontinued, you probably have noticed that they are hard to find right now. This is due to the fact that Doritos is not producing this flavor of Dorito right now.

We still do not know why exactly this is happening, but we definitely know that this flavor of Doritos is not being processed currently. Because of this, there are likely shortages all over since this flavor of chips is not going out to stores.

This flavor may be difficult to find for some time as it will take a while to replenish the stock. Stores may also have issues restocking due to several different issues, such as:

  • Stock issues
  • Selling out
  • Lack of popularity
  • Too many other flavors

Delay In Production

If you have enjoyed the salsa verde Dorito flavor, you may be wondering if this flavor was discontinued. The good news for customers is that this flavor has not been discontinued, but it is experiencing a delay in production at the moment.

Frito lay released a statement alerting testers to this delay as it is not currently creating this flavor of chip. Though it did not give any explanation for why the production of salsa verde Doritos has been postponed temporarily.

But the good news is that this chip will be back around, as soon as production starts again. It is just experiencing a delay and has not actually been discontinued, so customers can expect to buy it again eventually.