Shrimp Tastes Fishy

If you have bought shrimp, you may be wondering if the shrimp should taste fishy. This is a commonly asked question as people are unsure about what to expect when it comes to shrimp as it is very different from other kinds of seafood.

Some types of seafood have a naturally fishy flavor due to the environment that they live in. But for the most part, the majority of seafood does not have a strong fishy flavor, or at least it shouldn’t.

A fishy flavor can often indicate that the seafood that you bought is of poor quality and isn’t worth eating. That, or it could indicate that the seafood has gone bad and is no longer fresh and good to eat.

It is important to make sure you understand the signs when seafood has gone bad so that you do not consume it. Keep reading to find out whether or not shrimp should taste fishy.

Is It Normal for Shrimp to Taste Fishy?

If you do not have much experience with shrimp, you may be wondering if shrimp should taste fishy. Shrimp should never taste fishy as this is a clear sign that the shrimp is not good quality or it has already gone bad and shouldn’t be eaten.

Fried Shrimps on White Ceramic Plate

Shrimp is a delicate kind of seafood that typically, should not have any kind of fishy flavor whatsoever. Many people compare shrimp to what lobster tastes like, as the flavor is very mild and pleasant, unlike other kinds of seafood.

When it comes to seafood, you need to be careful and make sure that you are getting good quality seafood and eating it fresh. You do not want to eat poor quality shrimp or shrimp that has gone bad, as this can be very bad for you.

You will also not be able to enjoy the delicate taste of shrimp if it is overly fishy due to poor processing or bad quality. That is why it is important to source all of your seafood carefully and make sure that you are only getting the best quality.

This also applies to frozen shrimp, as many people complain about their frozen shrimp having a fishy flavor or fishy scent. Which is a clear sign that the shrimp was not processed very well or it is simply low quality and old.


Shrimp that is fresh and healthy should have a slightly sweet flavor to the meat. This is very delicate and should have an equal mixture of sweet and salty, creating a very pleasant mild seafood taste.

Steamed shrimp on plate

Many people compare the sweetness of shrimp to what lobster tastes like, as it also has sweeteners to it. As both types of seafood are very similar in flavor and texture, if you like lobster, you will most likely like shrimp.


Many people have even described that shrimp as having a buttery flavor and texture. Shrimp is very mild and has a rich yet gentle flavor that is very enjoyable, even for those who do not typically like seafood.

It does not have a fishy flavor and complements any dish that you add it to as it is so mild. Shrimp is often cooked and buttery dishes, as it naturally has a buttery flavor, and the two ingredients complement each other very well.

Shrimp Shouldn’t Smell Fishy

Shrimp should not taste fishy, but it also should not smell fishy. If your shrimp smells fishy, that is a very clear sign that it is also going to end up tasting fishy.

Garlic shrimp

Shrimp that is fresh and has been washed and processed as necessary is not going to have a fishy smell to it. This is a sign that the shrimp is not fresh and may even be bad.

The same goes for frozen shrimp, as a frozen shrimp should not smell fishy when you defrost it. This indicates that the shrimp was not preserved as it should be and is old or has gone off in the freezer.

You don’t want to eat shrimp that smells fishy as it is impossible to know whether or not it has gone bad or is just old. Either way, it is not going to taste very good, and you do not want to risk eating it and becoming sick.

Seafood is one of those things that should only be enjoyed fresh as that is when it is going to be at its best. You can also get food poisoning if you were to consume any kind of seafood that has gone bad or is very old.

Raw Shrimp Only Lasts for Two Days

If you have bought fresh shrimp, it is important to remember that fresh shrimp only lasts for two days in the refrigerator. You do not want to keep it around for longer than that, as it will start to get old.

The longer shrimp sits out, the fishier it will become, resulting in a fishy scent and flavor. So this is a type of seafood that is best to eat as quickly as possible once you have bought it.

Final Thoughts

If you bought shrimp that has a fishy taste, this usually means that the shrimp is either old or it has gone bad. Shrimp should never taste or smell fishy as shrimp does not naturally have a fishy flavor but a very neutral flavor.

Shrimp that is good and fresh should have a very gentle seafood smell and a flavor similar to lobster. Fresh shrimp will never have a fishy flavor or smell, if it has been taken care of right.