Sprite Vs Mountain Dew

If you enjoy drinking Sprite and Mountain Dew, you may be wondering which of these sodas is the better option. This is a common question as customers are often torn between Sprite and Mountain Dew options.

These are too popular soda options that have a unique citrusy flavor that stands out from the competition. The majority of sodas do not taste fruity or citrusy, making these two unusually refreshing options for customers to try.

These are great carbonated options if you want something that is light and refreshing but still bubbly and sweet. Though many customers have a hard time deciding between the two as they are often compared and taste similar.

Keep reading to find out whether or not Sprite vs Mountain Dew is better and what sets these two sodas apart from one another.

Which Is Better: Sprite or Mountain Dew?

If you enjoy drinking soda, you may be wondering about Sprite vs Mountain Dew and which is better. For the most part, Sprite seems to be the most popular option as it is one of the highest-ranking sodas among customers.

A glass of sprite with lemon

Because of this, it seems as though more customers are reaching for Sprite than those reaching for Mountain Dew. Mountain Dew is lesser known and is not considered to be one of the major soda brands that are widely recognized.

Sprite and Mountain Dew are similar in their own ways, but sprite has been around for longer and is more well-known. It is a lemon-lime flavored soda drink that is known for its refreshing flavor that isn’t nearly as heavy as other soda options.

While Mountain Dew is considered to taste like a mixture of fruit juice and Sprite combined into one drink. It has a refreshing lemon-lime flavor as well as other fruity notes that are hard to put your finger on exactly.

Both soda options are considered to be refreshing and slightly fruity and citrusy. They aren’t as heavy as other popular soda options like root beer, Dr Pepper, and Coca-Cola.

Though it does seem as though Mountain Dew is considered to be a more syrupy soda than Sprite is. Sprite is more carbonated and has a more refreshing flavor to it than Mountain Dew does.

Nutritional Differences

Now that you know some of the differences between Sprite and Mountain Dew, you may be wondering which is healthier. For the most part, people are aware that soda is not healthy and that most sodas are going to be quite unhealthy for you.

But there are some distinctions between sodas, as some are healthier than others. When it comes to Sprite and Mountain Dew, they are very similar nutritional wise, but Sprite is ever so slightly healthier.

Though the nutritional differences between Sprite and Mountain Dew are not significant and don’t really mean a lot. So Sprite is not going to be significantly healthier than Mountain Dew as they are both considered to be quite unhealthy.

Some of the differences between Sprite and Mountain Dew are that Sprite contains:

  • Fewer calories
  • Fewer carbohydrates
  • Fewer sugars

These are just a few nutritional differences that these two soda options have from each other. Though neither one is considered to be much healthier than the other as they are both quite sugary soda options.

Those looking for healthier beverage options should avoid soda altogether, as there are no sodas that are truly healthy. Even natural sodas contain more sugar than you should be consuming, so soda is not considered to be a healthy option.

Significant Amount of Caffeine

If you are looking for a soda option that does not contain any caffeine, you may be wondering if Sprite or Mountain Dew has caffeine. This is a commonly asked question, as many people do not want to be consuming a large amount of caffeine in their beverages.

This is especially important for those who frequently drink soda throughout the day as well as coffee. As these two different kinds of beverages could quickly add up to a significant amount of caffeine being consumed daily.

There’s only so much caffeine that you should be drinking a day, so you have to be careful about this. As some sodas do contain quite a significant amount of caffeine that you may not be aware of.

Mountain Dew is one of those sodas that does contain a significant amount of caffeine in it. In fact, Mountain Dew is one of the most caffeine-heavy soda options that you can choose as it contains more caffeine than the majority of soda options.

While Sprite doesn’t contain any caffeine at all, making it an ideal option for those who are avoiding caffeine. This is also why Sprite is a better option for children, as it is not going to give them a caffeine burst of energy in the middle of the day.

Sprite is one of the only soda options that does not contain any traces of caffeine. As it is quite common for soda to contain a small amount of caffeine naturally.

Sprite or Mountain Dew – It’s Your Choice

If you are trying to decide between Mountain Dew and Sprite, you may be wondering, which of these soda options is better. Sprite and Mountain Dew are often compared to each other as they taste similarly, but Sprite is definitely the winner.

Sprite is more popular than Mountain Dew, and it’s considered to be up there with the big names like Coca-Cola and Dr Pepper. While mountain dew is more in the shadows and is not considered to be as widely enjoyed.

Though they both contain similar flavors as they are both very citrusy and fruity drinks. Sprite is a light soda option flavored with lemon-lime, while Mountain Dew is a more fruity lemon-flavored drink that is slightly sweeter.

Both are good options if you are looking for a soda that is lighter and isn’t going to be as flavor heavy. They are refreshing and help to curb your soda cravings without having to resort to a more sugary option.

Just keep in mind that Mountain Dew has quite a large amount of caffeine, while Sprite does not contain any caffeine at all.