What Do Squid Taste Like?

If you are curious about trying out squid, you may be wondering what squid tastes like. This is a commonly asked question as the majority of people in the US are not very familiar with eating any kind of squid.

Even though many other places in the world consume quite regularly, and it is abundant, the US does not often do this. As squid is not considered to be one of the basic types of seafood that people are familiar with.

Despite that, squid can be a great option as it is not only widely available, it is affordable. Making it a seafood option that the majority of people could try out even on a limited budget and with few resources.

Keep reading to find out what squared tastes like and whether or not squid and octopus taste the same.

What Kind of Taste Does Squid Have?

If you have never tasted squid before, you may be wondering what this type of seafood really tastes like. Squid is often described as having a very mild flavor that is comparable to shrimp and lobster, as it does not have a strong seafood flavor.


Because of its mild flavor, squid is often battered and fried in order to really enhance the flavor that it does have. It is also often added to a variety of other dishes and dipping sauces to add flavor.

As far as seafood goes, squid is considered to be one of the more mild options that the majority of people could enjoy. It has a tender texture that creates a uniquely chewy dish that many people find enjoyable.

Though it can quickly become rubbery if not cooked properly by an amateur. Because of this, many people tend to be intimidated by squared as they do not know how to prepare it to make it taste good.

But squid is a cheap seafood option that offers a mild flavor that can easily be dressed up or down. Making it a great option for those who want to eat more seafood but can’t afford more desirable types of seafood options.

Squid Isn’t Supposed to Taste Fishy

Many people worry that squid is going to have a strong and fishy flavor that they will not enjoy. This is a fear that often keeps people from trying out different kinds of seafood as they do not like that strong fishy flavor.

One thing that most people do not seem to realize is that the majority of seafood does not taste fishy whatsoever. The only kind of seafood that is supposed to have a fishy flavor are certain varieties of fish.

Seafood like squid is not supposed to have a fishy flavor as it has a mild flavor that is all its own. Squid, for instance, tastes more similar to lobster or shrimp than it does any kind of fish.

Squid has a very light flavor that is not going to be overpowering or unpleasant for people. Making it a great option for those who are wary of trying different types of seafood and are picky when it comes to seafood flavor.

Squid and Octopus Have Different Tastes

Many people think that squid and octopus are going to taste the same because they are so closely related. This is the same for many different kinds of seafood, as people assume that they are going to taste similarly because of the species.

Boiled Octopus Food

Though that is completely untrue when it comes to squid and octopus, as they both have their own unique flavor. Though being similar and how they look, squid and octopuses are very different in a large number of ways.

They are two different species as well as having different flavors when they are cooked.


Squid is a type of seafood that may taste a little bit differently depending on the type of squared being consumed. Though the majority are going to have a very mild and slightly sweet flavor similar to shrimp and lobster.

This makes squared perfect for combining with other strong flavors that will help to enhance it and make it delicious. It also has a soft and chewy texture when cooked right, which is very pleasant, especially in seafood stir frys.


Octopus is a type of seafood that is also misunderstood by most of the US. Many people describe octopus as having a rich and meaty flavor that is not fishy whatsoever and easily takes on other flavors.

grilled squid with salad

The flavor of octopus is mild but has rich qualities to it that squid lacks. It also has a very tender texture that is very meaty, making many people feel like they are eating different kinds of meat rather than eating a type of seafood.

Octopus is often paired with very strong flavors to bring out how meaty it really is. Both octopus and squid have a mild flavor that the majority of people could enjoy, even if they don’t often eat seafood.

How Do You Eat Squid?

The body and the tentacles of squid are the parts that are typically eaten and considered to be good in a variety of dishes. Squid is very lean and can be chopped into rings to be battered and fried or can be added to a variety of seafood dishes.

Some people create pasta with squid as the protein in the sauce, while others prefer to make seafood stir fries with the squid. It just depends on your personal preference as it goes well in a lot of different meals.

It has a light enough flavor that the majority of people wouldn’t even know that they were eating squid at all. Making it versatile and easy to incorporate into a variety of meals without overpowering the other flavors.

Final Thoughts

If you are curious about consuming squid, you may be wondering what squid tastes like. Squid has a naturally mild flavor that is compared to lobster and shrimp, as it is slightly sweet, soft, and chewy.

It does not have any strong seafood flavor and can easily be enhanced in other meals or by battering and deep frying it.