Sriracha Vs Chili Garlic Sauce

If you enjoy adding hot sauce to your meals, you may be wondering about Sriracha vs chili garlic sauce. Wondering which one is better and if both of them can be used interchangeably.

These are two sauces that are often compared to each other as they are both made with red chili peppers. As well as looking similar and having a similar flavor in many different ways.

Many recipes also recommend replacing Sriracha with chili garlic sauce or vice versa, depending on what you have on hand. As they are very similar and will provide similar results despite being made with different ingredients.

Keep reading to find out more about Sriracha and chili garlic sauce and whether or not one is preferable over the other.

Review: Sriracha Vs Chili Garlic Sauce

If you are comparing Sriracha vs chili garlic sauce to each other, you may be wondering which one is better. Unfortunately, it is impossible to nail down exactly which sauce is the better option as they both have their own pros and cons.

Red hot chili paste

Both types of hot sauce have different benefits and downsides to them that make it difficult to decide on a single winner. Especially considering that it often comes down mostly to personal preference and what you do or don’t like.

Sriracha is a classical red chili sauce that has a red chili flavor and a flavorful burst of heat at the end. It is one of the most common types of hot sauce that people reach for as it is very versatile and adds the perfect amount of heat to any meal.

While chili garlic sauce is also very popular but it’s not as frequently used since it has a strong garlic flavor. Though this can also be a positive since it is a great way to add garlic and heat to a variety of meals.

Both types of hot sauce have a tasty red chili flavor and a generous amount of heat that can add spice to anything you add them to.


Sriracha is a very traditional red chili sauce that a lot of people really enjoy as it does not interfere with flavors from other foods. Because of this, it is extremely versatile, and you can add it to just about any type of food for a kick of spice.

Bowl of sriracha sauce

Sriracha is made from red chilies, water, vinegar, salt, garlic, and sugar for a simple hot sauce. It adds a nice kick of spice and has a pure red chili flavor with a bit of acidity from the vinegar that is usually added.

Though many people would describe it as having a red chili flavor with a sweet and tangy note that is pleasant and a lot of dishes. Making it ideal for anyone who likes to add spice to just about anything they are eating.

Chili Garlic Sauce

Chili garlic sauce is very similar to Sriracha as it is also typically made with red chili peppers, water, vinegar, salt, sugar, and garlic. So the quantities of these ingredients are different as chili garlic sauce has a much larger amount of garlic added.

Fresh garlic paste is typically added to the sauce to really elevate that garlicky flavor and create a more overpowering taste. So this sauce has more of a chili garlic flavor than just a simple chili flavor.

This makes it a much more savory sauce Sriracha, and a perfect addition to any meal that would benefit from heat and garlic. Because of this, it may not go with everything that you add it to, as it does have a strong garlic flavor.

Sriracha Is Hotter Than Chili Garlic Sauce

If you are trying to decide between Sriracha vs chili garlic sauce, you may be wondering which one is hotter. Most people would agree that Sriracha is the hotter hot sauce that packs more heat than chili garlic sauce does.

Extreme hot chillies garlic sauce

Both contain red chili peppers, which provide that heat that you are looking for in a hot sauce. But Sriracha contains more red chili peppers and does not have a large amount of garlic that overpowers it.

So you were going to get much more heat from Sriracha rather than you would chili garlic sauce. As the chili garlic sauce is more diluted, and it’s considered to be more flavorful than it is spicy.

While Sriracha is less flavorful but is going to be better for a variety of foods where you just want to add some extra spiciness.

Chili Garlic Sauce Is More Flavorful Than Sriracha

If you are comparing flavor profiles among hot sauce options, chili garlic sauce is going to be the clear winner. Sriracha and chili garlic sauce are made of basically the same ingredients but are going to taste differently.

Add Sriracha is more of a pure red chili pepper hot sauce, while chili garlic sauce has more garlic to really elevate the flavor. So if you are really looking for a hot sauce that packs more flavor, chili garlic sauce is going to be the better option.

This sauce may not be as spicy as Sriracha, but it is going to be more flavorful, and it’s going to shine more in the dishes that you add it to. Providing a nice garlic touch that you are not going to get if you just use Sriracha.

This is also something that you should take into consideration if you are replacing Sriracha with chili garlic sauce or vice versa. As you may need to add less of the chili garlic sauce or add garlic powder, depending on the alternative that you’re making.