Does Sunkist Have Caffeine?

If you enjoy Sunkist soda, you may be wondering if this type of soda contains any caffeine. This is a good question to ask, as the majority of soda options do contain a quantity of caffeine per serving.

This is something that many customers may not be aware of as most would assume that sodas are free of caffeine. Especially since soda is considered to be a popular drink option for younger children.

Though it is quite common to find larger quantities of caffeine present in a variety of soda options. So this is something to keep your eye out for if you want to avoid consuming a large amount of caffeine daily.

Keep reading to find out whether or not Sunkist orange soda contains any caffeine, and if so, how much it contains.

Is There Caffeine in Sunkist?

If you enjoy drinking Sunkist soda, it is important to note that this orange carbonated beverage contains 19 mg of caffeine per can. This is considered to be unusual since the majority of orange sodas do not contain any caffeine.

Not much is known about why Sunkist contains caffeine when others don’t. The majority of sodas contain caffeine, but it is unusual for an orange soda or any other kind of fruity soda to contain caffeine.


Because of this, customers who are trying to avoid caffeine may want to choose a different kind of orange soda. As a serving of Sunkist is going to contain 19 mg of caffeine for that can of soda.

This is not considered to be a huge, amount of caffeine since adults can safely consume quite a large amount per day. But it is still worth mentioning as caffeine can quickly add up depending on what kind of drinks you are drinking.

If you are also drinking other caffeinated drinks like coffee or tea, your caffeine intake could quickly add up. Aside from containing caffeine, there are a few other top ingredients that this soda contains.

Corn Syrup

Like many sodas in the US, Sunkist orange soda contains a large quantity of high fructose corn syrup as the sweetener. This is a sweetener additive that many people actively try to avoid as it is considered to be one of the worst sweeteners.

Soda used to be made with pure cane sugar, but eventually, that was switched out for sweeteners like corn syrup. An option that is less healthy than cane sugar and is considered to have a much more intense sweetness.

This is unfortunate as it does make Sunkist a less healthy option when compared to some other kinds of soda. The body does not process corn syrup very well and it adds quite a lot of sugar to your daily intake.

This can also result in you getting a burst of energy and crashing shortly afterward as your body is processing the corn syrup. So if you try to avoid consuming high fructose corn syrup, you may want to look into other soda options.

Carbonated Water

The main ingredient in Sunkist is the carbonated water, as most people would assume. This is what gives this soda its fizzy carbonation that many people enjoy the most about any kind of soda.

This is just water that has been carbonated so that it is bubbly and fizzy, creating that refreshing drink. Even though Sunkist is made with carbonated water, it is not considered to be a hydrating beverage option.

There is too much corn syrup and artificial additives to make this a good water replacement.

Natural Flavors

One good thing about Sunkist is that it is made with natural ingredients when it comes to flavors. Of course, it is impossible to know exactly what natural flavors are present, but it is better than artificial flavors.

The majority of other soda options are made with artificial flavors, which can be more harmful to your health.

Final Thoughts

If you want to find a soda option that is not caffeinated, you’ll have to look elsewhere, as Sunkist does contain caffeine. This is an orange soda that contains 19 mg of caffeine per serving despite the fact that other orange sodas are caffeine free.

So if you were looking for a caffeine-free orange soda, you should look into the other varieties that are offered. As a Sunkist has caffeine added for some reason and is not going to be the ideal option for everyone.