Sweet Tea Brands

If you are a fan of sweet tea, you may be wondering what sweet tea brands are the best. This is a commonly asked question as there are so many different kinds of sweet tea that you can find in grocery stores, but they aren’t all made equally.

There are many different sweet tea brands that you have available to you, but they aren’t all going to be the best. Certain brands have better flavors and offer a better quality of tea that is going to be obvious in the flavor.

Because of this, you will want to pick out the right brands of sweet tea to get the full experience in the best way. Especially if you are a true lover of tea and enjoy trying different brands and flavors that are available.

There are certain brands that really stick out and shine throughout all of the competition that you definitely should try for yourself. Keep reading to find out what sweet tea brand is the best and what makes a sweet tea brand stand out.

Best Sweet Tea Brands

If you are trying to find the best sweet tea brand, you have a lot of options to choose from. Though most people would say that Lipton tea is one of the best sweet tea brands on the market that tea lovers can try out for themselves.

Sweet Iced Tea

This is a brand of tea that has been around for a long time and is known for offering outstanding quality. You can find both pre-made bottles of tea as well as various tea bags and flavors from this brand.

All of the tea offered by Lipton is rich and fall flavored with plenty of tea flavor that other brands may miss out on. You can taste how high-quality the tea leaves are and get to experience what tea really should taste like.

The most common premade Lipton teas that you have to choose from are sweet tea and green tea options. Lipton offers both unsweetened and sweet black and green tea for those who have special preferences.

Because this is such a well-known T brand, you shouldn’t have any issues finding it in stores no matter where you shop. Both the bottled sweet tea and tea bags should be easily available and affordable.

1. Gold Peak

Gold Peak sweet tea is a brand owned by Coca-Cola that is made with freshly brewed black tea leaves and sugar. It is a fan favorite as it has a strong and bold black tea flavor that is immediately recognizable.

It is perfectly sweetened and is enough to satisfy any sweet tooth as well as a tea lover. The recipe has recently been changed as the original recipe did not actually include brewed tea but a tea concentrate.

Coca-Cola has now changed the gold peak recipe to be a real tea that creates an outstanding tea beverage.

2. Snapple

Snapple is an incredibly well-known tea brand that has been around for quite some time. It has a distinct look as all of the beverages are bottled in glass bottles with unique and eye-catching labels.

This is a sweet tea brand that really stands out from the rest as it offers so many different kinds of flavors. The base of all Snapple recipes is founded on brewed tea, but many also include fruit juices for added flavor.

This creates a unique and refreshing experience that many other sweet tea brands just don’t bring to the table. Making this ideal for children as well as those who have a sweet tooth or enjoy fruity flavors with their tea.

So there won’t be as much tea flavor in a Snapple sweet tea as in other sweet tea brands. So if you are really looking for a true tea flavor, this may not be the right brand for you.

Diet versions of Snapple are also available if you want to cut down on your sugar intake in your beverages. Which is a great option, as traditional Snapple teas do contain quite a lot of added sweeteners.

3. Honest Tea

Honest Tea is a very popular tea brand that is known for offering more natural options of sweet tea. With this brand, you can expect to find true and pure tea flavors as well as minimal ingredients to really let the tea shine.

Honest Tea keeps its sweet tea options simple and straightforward with minimal ingredients and good-for-you ingredients. It only uses natural sweeteners and keeps all of its tea only slightly sweet so that you can really enjoy the flavor.

Because this sweet tea is a more natural option, it is also considered to be a more mature option for adults. Those who like very sweet tea or children may not prefer this brand as it is definitely not going to be very sugary.

It is perfect for those looking for a refreshing drink or for those looking for a healthier option that will not give them a sugar crash later in the day.

4. Milo’s

Milo’s is a southern tea brand that is a staple item in any tea lover’s home in the south. It is a common grocery store brand that can be found in any southern grocery store and goes well with any meal.

It may be a little bit more difficult to find outside of the south, but some grocery stores should carry it. It is usually sold in large gallon jugs to be enjoyed as frequently as you like instead of having single servings.

This is a true sweet southern tea that is going to give you that real sweet tea experience that you are looking for.

5. Teavana

Teavana is a brand that really focuses on the art of brewing and creating good tea blends. It is most well known for its tea bags that you can buy to make yourself, but it also sells premade and bottled teas as well.

You can find several varieties of brew tea as well as tea and fruit juice blends for a unique and refreshing beverage experience. Teavana has its own unique flavor and creates unique blends that are unlike any other brand.

This is a great brand to try if you are adventurous and want to include more flavors in your list of favorite sweet tea options.

6. Pure Leaf

Pure Leaf tea is very similar to Honest Tea as it offers more natural sweet tea options for customers. The flavors it offers and the varieties are all very simple and offer straightforward ingredients for a high-quality beverage.

It is known for its bolder flavors that come through the freshly brewed tea leaves. You can clearly taste the tea and enjoy the deep earthy flavor that it creates in this refreshing beverage.

These sweet teas are not going to be extremely sweet or very flavor-forward. They are very simple and are created to merely highlight the flavor of the tea leaves themselves.

Making this a more mature brand of sweet tea that many people can enjoy if they really want to appreciate the taste of the tea. As well as choose an option that is healthier so that they can enjoy drinking throughout the day.

7. Arizona

Arizona sweet tea is a brand that has been around for several decades and has continued to come out on top. This is a sweet tea brand that has its own unique flavor from the tea leaves that it brews to create its green and black tea.

Another unique aspect of Arizona tea, is that it is bottled in cans instead of plastic or glass bottles. So it is immediately recognizable on the shelves and stands out amongst the competition.

Arizona also offers unique flavor combinations with its tea as well as a few fruit juice blends if you are feeling fruity. Its sweet tea is a fan favorite and will provide you with all of the flavors that you would expect in a good sweet tea option.

8. Fuze

Fuze is a sweet tea brand that got its name because of the kind of tea that it offers. This company fuses different drinks and flavors to create unique versions of sweet tea that you may never have experienced before.

Some of the most common Fuze flavors are its green and black sweet tea which provides the best of both worlds for tea lovers. As well as various flavors where black or green tea is fused with lemon, honey, or lemonade.

This brand offers a unique experience in sweet tea if you are more adventurous and enjoy experiencing different flavors. This works especially well as tea blends so well with a variety of other flavors and drinks.

Top Rated Sweet Tea Brand

If you are looking for the best sweet tea brand, Lipton is a great place to start. This brand has been around for a very long time and is known for its delicious tea that is full of flavor and packs a real punch.

This is a strong tea that is going to be perfect for anyone who does not like weak tea or thinks tea is too watery. But there are other sweet tea brands that you should try as well, such as Snapple, Milo‘s, Teavana, and Arizona tea.