Taco Bell Cinnabon Delights Discontinued

Taco Bell Cinnabon Delights Discontinued

If you are a fan of the Cinnabon delights at Taco Bell, you may be worried that this menu item was discontinued. This is a concern that many Taco Bell customers have had as they are struggling to order this menu item.

This is a common concern that customers have for any kind of fast food restaurant as they have a tendency to add and remove menu items suddenly. It is not uncommon for customers to go to order an item only to find that it is not available.

Because of this, customers may be concerned about their favorite menu items being discontinued. Especially when it seems like so many fast food places have started to remove certain menu items to give their menu a makeover.

Keep reading to find out whether or not Taco Bell has discontinued the Cinnabon delights, and if not, why are they so hard to order?

Did Taco Bell Discontinue the Cinnabon Delights?

There has been a lot of concern amongst Taco Bell customers about whether or not the Cinnabon delights were discontinued from the menu. The good news for customers is that this menu item has not been discontinued from Taco Bell locations.

This was something that many customers believe happened when they suddenly were unable to buy the Cinnabon delights. Which created quite a stir as this has been one of the most popular sweet options on the Taco Bell menu.

Cinnabon delights have been available on the menu for years and have remained a very popular choice. Taco Bell already offers very few sweet options, making this sweet option really stand out to customers.

The Cinnabon delights have not been discontinued, but they have been moved around on the menu. Taco Bell decided that this sweet menu option did not belong with the lunch and dinner menu as it has before.

The Cinnabon delights have now been added to the breakfast menu and can only be ordered during breakfast times. This puts them on the menu along with other breakfast options, such as:

  • Breakfast crunch wrap
  • Breakfast burrito
  • Grande scrambler

Many customers still found this to be a bit frustrating as this meant that they could not order this menu item whenever they wanted to. Now, you can only order Cinnabon delights in the early morning hours when the breakfast menu is available.

Why Did Taco Bell Move the Cinnabon Delights?

Now that you know that Taco Bell simply moved the Cinnabon delights and did not discontinue them, you may be wondering why. This has been a common question as customers don’t understand this change.

This is something that many customers do not understand, as the Cinnabon delights have always been on all of the menus at Taco Bell. You could order the Cinnabon delights whenever you felt like it, no matter the time of day.

This was a system that worked very well for customers and resulted in a large number of Cinnabon delights sales. So it’s hard to understand why Taco Bell decided to make this big change to its menu.

Taco Bell hasn’t said much about why it moved the Cinnabon delights, except that it felt they were more suited for the breakfast menu. This does make sense, but there is still no knowing why this change was just now made.

Many customers are still not happy with this change as it means that they cannot order this menu item whenever they want to. Taco Bell has a breakfast hour and only allows you to order from its breakfast menu during that time.

So if you want the Cinnabon delights, you are going to have to get up early and go to your local Taco Bell restaurant. Once the breakfast hour is over, this menu item will no longer be available until the next day.

What Are Taco Bell’s Cinnabon Delights Like?

The Cinnabon delights at Taco Bell are round doughy balls encrusted in a sprinkling of crunchy and glittering sugar. These do not look like your typical cinnamon rolls, but they have all of the flavors that you would expect to find in one.

These are donut holes, which means that they are going to be light and airy with a doughy texture. They are filled with cream cheese frosting so that you get a sweet and creamy surprise when you bite into one of these delights.

They are dusted generously with cinnamon sugar, giving them that recognizable cinnamon roll flavor. They are very sweet and indulgent, so you do not need very many to feel satisfied.

While they are very close to being a breakfast food, many believe that they are far too sweet to be added to the breakfast menu. This is more of a dessert option, which is why it always made sense for the Cinnabon delights to be on the lunch and dinner menu.

Have the Taco Bell Cinnabon Delights Been Discontinued?

If you enjoy the Cinnabon delights at Taco Bell, you may be worried about this menu item being discontinued. Many customers believe that this menu item had been discontinued when they suddenly didn’t see it on the menu anymore.

The good news is that the Cinnabon delights are still on the Taco Bell menu, though they have been removed from the breakfast menu. Because of this, you can only order them during breakfast hours in the morning.

These Cinnabon delights have been a popular menu option since they were first released on the Taco Bell menu. They are donut holes filled to the brim with creamy cream cheese frosting and coated in cinnamon sugar.