Taco Flavored Doritos

If you enjoy Doritos products, you may have heard about the elusive taco flavored Doritos. This is a flavor of Doritos that many customers are interested in but have a hard time getting their hands on.

This is not especially uncommon as Doritos offers a wide variety of flavors, and they are not always easy to find. As different stores carry different flavors, and certain flavors may get discontinued or are only available for a limited time.

So it can be quite difficult to get your hands on particular flavors that you may be wanting specifically. Especially if none of your local stores are carrying them and you don’t know where to get them from.

Keep reading to find out more about taco flavored Doritos and some nutritional aspects to the specific kind of Dorito chip.

What Taco Flavored Doritos Taste Like?

If you enjoy eating Doritos chips, you may have heard about taco flavored Doritos. These are a flavor of Doritos that are very popular as they have a traditional taco flavoring that many people enjoy when eating something like Doritos.

Holding Dorito Chips

This is just one of the mini flavors that Doritos offers, as this chip brand is known for its various flavor options. With many different flavors coming and going depending on the time of year and what is currently in demand from customers.

The taco flavored Doritos is one product that especially became popular amongst Doritos customers. As many people really enjoyed this specific flavor as it had a well-rounded flavor that was very reminiscent of tacos and Mexican food.

Though similar to some other flavors of chips that Doritos offers, there are a few things that said the taco flavored Doritos apart, such as:

Taco Seasoning

The primary flavor of taco flavored Doritos is the taco seasoning that is generously added to the Dorito chips. This taco seasoning is very well-rounded and includes a lot of flavors that are traditionally found in Mexican food.

Giving these Doritos that Mexican flavor that you would expect from any taco flavored product. As it is deeply savory and slightly spicy with some zinginess and acidity to round everything off.

You can’t even see the taco seasoning specs scattered across the tortilla chips.


The taco flavored Doritos also have a hint of lime flavor that really helps to make these chips extra delicious. Lime is a very traditional ingredient in Mexican food as well as tacos, making it very complementary to taco flavors.

Doritos is also not new to including lime flavors in its chips, as there are many other types of flavor options that include lime. As this is a flavor that goes very well with the basic Doritos chips as they are pretty much just corn chips.

The lime helps to add brightness that keeps these chips from feeling too heavy or one noted. It also adds a bit of acidity to round off some of the spice here notes of these chips.


Many people also describe tasting a slightly cheesy flavor when eating the taco flavored Doritos. This is not one of the main flavor components but is something that most people will notice slightly when eating these chips.

They are not extremely cheesy but have a slightly cheesy flavor that compliments the taco seasoning. Giving the chips some richness that really helps to elevate the flavors as a whole.

Taco Flavored Doritos Are Still Available

Something that many Doritos customers may worry about is whether or not the taco flavored Doritos are still available. This is something that often comes up with different flavors of Doritos as it can be hard to know if they are still available.

Bag chips doritos on blue background

As Doritos is well known for releasing certain items and quickly taking them away again if they are not popular enough. Doritos also releases certain flavors for a limited time only and does not continue to make them year-round.

Doritos did seem to discontinue the taco flavored Doritos back in 2020, which upset a lot of customers. But people have still been able to find these types of Doritos in grocery stores, convenience stores, and online.

So they are not gone for good as you can still find them if you look hard enough. Some people are lucky enough to find them in their local grocery store, while others may have to look a little bit harder or order online.

The good news is that taco flavored Doritos are still around, and you can still enjoy them if you haven’t gotten a chance to try this chip flavor out. If you can’t find them in any stores near you, you will most likely have luck ordering them online.

Taco Flavored Doritos Have 150 Calories

Doritos are not considered to be an extremely healthy chip as they are still high in calories and sodium, making them less healthy. But they do have some qualities to them that other chips don’t have, as they are corn chips.

This makes them a little bit more nutritionally beneficial than your average potato chip. Though Doritos should still be considered a special treat and not be consumed on a daily basis or excessively.

If you want to try the taco flavored Doritos, the serving size of these chips is going to be 150 calories. Which is quite steep, in comparison to other types of chips, though most ships are going to be relatively high in calories.

It’s also worth mentioning that a serving of these chips is 180 mg of sodium. So you definitely should not eat these excessively as they are not going to be very beneficial for your diet.