Tater Tot Brands

If you are a tater tot fan, you may be wondering which tater tot brands are the absolute best options. This is a common question as there are so many different kinds of tater tots on the market, making it hard to know which ones are the best.

Tater tots are one of those frozen food items that are very popular and very easy to find in stores. Many different brands have their own version of tater tots, giving you a lot of options to choose from.

Though the downside to this is that it can be hard to find out which brands are the best to try out. Not every tater tot is made equally, and some are definitely going to taste much better than others on the market.

You do not want to buy just any kind of tater tot brand until you have done a little research first. This way, you are guaranteed to get the best quality as well as the best taste when buying tater tots.

Keep reading to find out what tater tot brand is the best and what sets these brands apart from the other options at stores.

Best Tater Tot Brands

If you are looking for the best tater tot brand, you should definitely try Alexia. This is a food brand that was the original brand that started to carry what we now know as tater tots and first introduced them to the market.

Tater Tots in a bowl

Alexia was originally created by a man who was creating higher and frozen potato options. He created the first original tater tot and began selling them, which resulted in quite a lot of success for this brand.

People immediately fell in love with this unique potato food product and it quickly took off. This also resulted in many other brands starting to create their own version of tater tots, which is why we now have so many tater tot options.

Because Alexia was the original creator of the tater tot, it goes without saying that this is going to be one of the best, if not the absolute best brands to try. This will give you a real taste of what tater tots are with their perfectly balanced design.

There are several different tater tot options that you can choose from depending on the kind that you prefer. This includes traditional Yukon tater tots, sweet potato tater tots, and seasoned tater tots.

1. Green Giant

Green Giant is a very well-known brand that you will most likely see in the frozen food and canned food isles. This brand is one of the top-selling brands in both of these kinds of markets.

Green Giant sells a wide variety of canned and frozen goods, including healthier alternatives to tater tots. This includes several different vegetable tater tot varieties that are healthier than traditional tater tots.

Unlike other health food brands, Green Giant provides different varieties so that you can find just the right fit for you. So if you do not like the taste of one kind of tater tot, you have several others to try out.

Because this is such a well-known brand, just about any grocery store or convenience store is going to carry this brand. So it is very easy to find and accessible to most people, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding these kinds of tater tots in stores.

2. Birds Eye

Birds Eye is a well-known frozen food brand that has been around for over 100 years. It was one of the first brands to experiment with flash frozen foods that it later began selling at stores.

It found a great deal of success with this as customers flocked to stores for this convenient food option. Eventually, it also broadened its product line to include tater tots, which also became very popular.

The unique thing about the tater tots from Birds Eye is that they are not the traditional kind of tater tots that you would expect. These tater tots are not made up of potatoes but are instead created from vegetables.

This provides a healthier option for people who are looking for a less calorie and carbohydrate-heavy food option. These tater tots are lighter and have a slightly different flavor but still have the qualities of a delicious tater tot.

So, if you are looking for a healthier option but still want that tater tot texture, you should look into the options from Birds Eye.

3. Ore-Ida

Ore-Ida is one of the top-selling tater tot brands in the US and is one of the most trusted brands. It originally started by selling french fries and frozen corn but quickly moved onto tater tots as well.

This brand offers top quality and a wide variety of frozen food products that mostly include potatoes. It has several different versions of tater tots that you can choose from depending on what your preferences are.

Year after year, Ore-Ida is one of the top-selling brands and is considered to be highly trusted by consumers. Making this one of the best tater tot brands that you should definitely try if you are a fan of tater tots.

This is another brand that is very well known and will be easy to find in any grocery store that you go to.

4. Great Value

Great Value is a brand that was created by Walmart for it to sell its own product options. This is considered to be a knockoff brand as it is cheaper and mostly recreates products that other companies are selling.

Great Value tater tots come in a few different options and can be a good option if you are looking for affordable tater tots. These are definitely not going to be the most high-quality, but they are the most budget-friendly.

You can also be guaranteed to find this brand at your local Walmart store as it is owned by Walmart itself.

5. Good & Gather

Like Great Value, Good & Gather is a brand that was created by Target. You will find several different kinds of food options under this brand at Target stores.

This brand includes tater tots which are considered to be a healthier version as they are made with the best ingredients. These are a delicious options and are usually priced a little cheaper than other brands that may be sold at Target stores.

This is a brand that you are guaranteed to find at target, and you will also be able to find other Good & Gather products as well.

6. Farmwise

Farmwise is a food company that is known for its mission in trying to make classic American dishes healthier. It takes unhealthy sides like onion rings, fries, and tater tots and creates healthier alternatives.

It has done this with tater tots by creating a veggie tater tot that does not include actual white potatoes. These tarts are made of beans, sweet potatoes, broccoli, and other vegetable additives.

The main selling point of these tater tots is that you will receive a full serving of vegetables when you consume just six tater tots. This is amazing as it allows you to get in more servings of vegetables without feeling like you are eating vegetables.

Because of how healthy these tater tots are, Farmwise tater tots have really taken off and become a very popular option for those looking for a healthier alternative. Especially for children when parents are trying to find vegetable options.

7. Farm Rich

Farm Rich is a family-owned brand in New York, that is most well-known for its shelf-stable whipped cream alternative. This was the first product that it launched and was one of the first of its kind at the time.

Since then, Farm Rich has also created its own tater tots that really stand out from the crowd. These were made and released in 2021 and are Star Wars inspired as they are shaped like baby Yoda‘s head.

However, these are just your typical tater tots, as they are a cheesy option with a whole-grain coating for the perfect crunch. They are packed full of flavor and have all of the textures that you would expect to find in a good tater tot.

So far, this is the only tater tot option that Farm Rich has, but it may expand its line as this product has become so popular amongst customers.

Top Tater Tot Brand

If you are looking for the best tater tot brand, Alexia is considered to be one of the top brands sold in the US. This was the first branch to create what we now know as the tater tot, as the creator of this brand wanted to offer high-quality frozen potato products.

Another popular tater tot brand is Ore-Ida, which was the creator of the actual name of tater tots. This company started creating tater tots when it had potato discards from other products that it was making.

Though, you have many different options when it comes to finding tater tot brands that are delicious and high-quality. Many stores have their own versions of tater tots, which are affordable and easy to find.

Brands like Farmwise, Great Value, Birds Eye, and Green Giant are all great options.