Tortilla Brands

The right tortilla can make or break your quesadilla, burrito, or taco. If you’ve ever seen tons of tortillas at the store, you may have wondered which is the best.

In some cases, the brand may not matter. But you don’t want to use a brand that will make your next Mexican dish flavorless and limp.

What Are the Best Tortilla Brands?

The best tortilla brands include Mission, Old El Paso, and 365. Other brands to try include Silva’s, Mi Rancho, and Market Pantry. If possible, you may also want to buy tortillas from a local Mexican bakery so that they’re fresh.

Be sure to consider everything from the size, grain, and other features. That way, you can choose the best tortilla for you.

Best Tortilla Brands

You can choose from dozens of tortilla brands and varieties. The next time you want to make tacos or burritos, consider the following options.

Tortilla Brands

Then, you can make sure to choose the brand that you’ll enjoy the most.


Mission makes some of the best tortillas for tacos and other Mexican dishes. Of course, they make standard flour tortillas, but they also make carb balance and zero net carb tortillas if you’re counting your carbohydrates.

You can also find whole wheat, spinach herb, and tomato basil tortillas. Those may not be the most authentic, but you can use them to make a wrap for lunch. The tortillas also come in various sizes, so you can get small ones for tacos or large ones for burritos.

Old El Paso

Old El Paso is another popular brand when it comes to Mexican foods. You can buy their restaurant-style tortillas to make food similar to what you’d get at your favorite Mexican place. They also make smaller flour tortillas that are perfect for tacos.

If you don’t want food to escape, you can even buy food pockets. They’re not as authentic, but you can stuff them with fillings and eat them at your leisure. You can even buy a fajita dinner kit, which includes standard tortillas.


If you shop at Whole Foods, you can get the 365 tortilla brand. They make flour tortillas, corn tortillas, and a mixture of flour and corn. You can even find whole wheat tortillas, which are great for making sandwich wraps.

Of course, since Amazon owns Whole Foods, you can also buy all of these varieties on the online shopping site. That way, you can order them no matter where you live. You can use the tortillas for a ton of different dishes.


Kansas City residents and tourists can also buy Silva’s tortillas. The brand focuses on creating traditional Mexican ingredients and foods. You can buy both small and large tortillas, so you can get the perfect size for a quesadilla, taco, or anything in between.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like you can buy the tortillas online. That means you’ll need to visit the Midwestern city to stock up. However, they’re an excellent brand for the locals since they’re made nearby.

Mi Rancho

Mi Rancho tortillas come in both flour and corn varieties. That means you can get the flavor you want, and gluten-free people can avoid the flour tortillas. All of the varieties are organic as well, which can be a nice benefit.

Many of the tortillas are Kosher as well, and you can buy them in stores or online. It’s unclear if they come in multiple sizes though. So you might need to settle for tortillas that are a bit larger or smaller than you’d prefer.

Market Pantry

Target Market Pantry tortillas are an excellent brand to try. If you prefer shopping for food at Target or on their website, this is the brand for you. They make flour and whole wheat options, and you can choose between six or eight inches for the size.

Of course, you won’t be able to buy this brand anywhere outside of Target. So if you don’t live near a store, it can be less convenient. However, you can order them for delivery

Trader Joe’s

We couldn’t find a link to them online, but Trader Joe’s also sells tortillas. You can find a few options, but the exact selection will probably vary between stores. If you can’t find the tortillas you like, they do have a recipe for gluten-free tortillas.

You can find the ingredients you need at Trader Joe’s to get started. Then, you can add any of your favorite fillings to a taco, burrito, or quesadilla. Trader Joe’s is usually pretty affordable, so both the ready-made and homemade options shouldn’t cost too much.

Local Bakery

Your local bakery isn’t a brand, but it’s another source to consider for tortillas. If you can’t find any tortillas that you like, consider finding a Mexican bakery. Some may sell tortillas to consumers, so you can use them at home.

The nice thing about this option is that they’ll usually be much fresher than the ones at the grocery store. You can enjoy them warm on their own as well as in a Mexican dish. Just make sure you know when they make tortillas fresh to take advantage of that proximity.

Your Own

Another non-brand option is to make your own tortillas at home. Of course, you can follow a recipe from Trader Joe’s. But you can also find a recipe from an authentic Mexican food blog or website.

Making tortillas can be a huge project, so it’s not for everyone. However, it’s a great way to spend your time making a good product. You can also ensure that there’s no cross-contamination of gluten if you or a family member has to eat gluten-free.

How to Choose the Best Tortillas?

As you compare a few of the best tortilla brands, you should consider a few things. You might luck out and love the first tortilla brand you find. However, you may not like it, or the tortillas may stick together and break when you try to separate them.

How to Choose the Best Tortillas

Keep the following things in mind when shopping for tortillas. Then, you can increase the chances of buying a pack you’ll enjoy.

Start With the Size

Odds are, you’re looking for tortillas because you want to use them for something specific. In many cases, you’ll also know what size you want to get. If you want to make tacos, for example, you’ll want smaller tortillas.

However, you may prefer larger tortillas for quesadillas, enchiladas, or burritos. Knowing what size you want can help you narrow your selection of brands. Some companies only have one or two size options.

You can find tortillas as small as six inches or as large as 10 inches. The size refers to the diameter, so keep that in mind when shopping.

Consider the Grain

Another thing to think about is whether the tortillas are flour, corn, whole wheat, or something else. If you’re gluten-free, you’ll want to get corn tortillas since flour and wheat won’t fit with your dietary restriction.

But if you’re looking to make a sandwich wrap, you can also look at spinach tortillas. Think about the flavor as well. The different grains can offer a different taste, and many people prefer one over others.

If you can’t decide, you may be able to order a variety pack. That way, you can test out a few options before committing.

Check Your Local Options

Ordering tortillas online can be convenient. However, you have to wait on shipping, and that process can delay when you get the ingredients you need. If you want to make Mexican food tonight, you’ll want to head to your local grocery store.

You can also check out any local Mexican bakeries that may sell tortillas. That way, you can get what you need right away. You may even save money on shipping costs, and you won’t have to worry about the tortillas getting crushed in transit.

Sticking to local options can also limit the brand available to you. That may be a downside, but it can also help you avoid analysis paralysis so that you can choose something.

Note the Expiration Date

The expiration date may not help you choose the best brand, but it could come down to that if your store only has a few tortillas. Unless you use tortillas all of the time, you’ll want to avoid any packs with expiration dates within the next month or so.

You can eat tortillas after the expiration date as long as they look and smell fine. But you’ll get even more use out of tortillas if they won’t expire right after you buy them.

Because of that, you’ll also want to consider how many tortillas you’ll get. If you live alone, you may only need a small pack. But if you have a family, it helps to buy a pack with more tortillas in it.

Final Thoughts

The best tortilla brands include Mission, Old El Paso, and others. But don’t forget to check out any local Mexican bakeries. You can also find a tortilla recipe and make them yourself at home, which takes work but can be worth it.