Trader Joe’s Sesame Seeds

If you often find yourself shopping at Trader Joe’s, you may have wondered about Trader Joe’s sesame seeds and how good they are. As this is a popular product that many shoppers tend to reach for.

Trader Joe’s is a health food store known for a variety of healthy products that it makes itself. As Trader Joe’s has its own line of products that can only be found at Trader Joe’s stores, making it more desirable.

It is also easier to find certain foods at Trader Joe’s than it is to find them at other types of grocery stores. Making it a popular option for unique kinds of food and healthy food options.

Keep reading to find out more about the sesame seeds at Trader Joe’s and what sesame seed options it has.

Sesame Seeds at Trader Joe’s

If you are a frequent shopper at Trader Joe’s, you may have noticed the sesame seeds that are sold there. This is a popular option that many customers reach for as it can be difficult to find sesame seeds in most grocery stores.

Sesame Seeds in a wooden spoon

Trader Joe’s offers basic raw sesame seeds located in its spice aisle, packaged similarly to its seasonings and spices. These sesame seeds are in a small glass jar with a top that allows you to easily shake the little seeds out onto your food.

This is very handy and allows you to use these sesame seeds as a garnish for any kind of meal that you may be enjoying. Making it easier to find sesame seeds as the majority of grocery stores are not going to carry this item.

Let alone have them easily packaged in a container that makes it easy for them to be used as a garnish. Though there is nothing else unique about the sesame seeds as they are basic, sesame seeds with a nutty and bitter flavor.

Sesame Seeds

Trader Joe’s sesame seeds are raw sesame seeds that come in a small container for garnishing. These are traditionally used for all kinds of oriental food as a garnish that gives food a nutty and slightly bitter flavor.

This is a popular option as sesame seeds can be used in so many different dishes if you enjoy the flavor. And they are easy to locate in the spice aisle along with other seasoning options.

Sesame Bagel Seasoning

Aside from its normal sesame seeds, Trader Joe’s also offers a sesame bagel seasoning blend. This is like a bagel seasoning that you have most likely seen at other grocery stores, except it includes plenty of sesame seeds.

Sesame Seeds

So this can be a great option as well, depending on how you plan on using the seasoning blend. As a lot of people choose to use sesame bagel seasoning on a wide variety of dishes as it is so flavorful and provides texture.

Though it is important to remember that this blend may not be ideal for many meals that call for sesame seeds. As there are going to be other ingredients aside from sesame seeds that can conflict with the dish.

Trader Joe’s Has Other Sesame Seed Products

If you enjoy the sesame seeds at Trader Joe’s, you would probably enjoy the other sesame seed products that Trader Joe’s offers. With all of these products being under the Trader Joe’s line, so you are guaranteed high quality.

Trader Joe’s includes sesame seeds in a wide variety of its snack food options. Offering your things like sesame sticks, sesame and honey almonds, and a few other snack foods.

Trader Joe’s also offers toasted sesame seed oil, which is nutty and rich, perfect for cooking with. As well as a sesame dressing that makes a flavorful addition to any kind of sandwich or salad that you may make.

Overall, Trader Joe’s offers a wide variety of sesame seed products that you will not be able to find anywhere else. Especially as the majority of grocery stores don’t tend to offer sesame seed options that you would enjoy.

These are popular as sesame seeds have a very pleasant flavor that tends to compliment a lot of other flavors. As they are very nutty and have a slightly bitter taste, though the taste of raw and toasted sesame seeds will be quite different.