Tropicana Vs Simply Orange

If you enjoy drinking orange juice, you may be comparing Tropicana vs Simply Orange. These are two very popular orange juice brands that are similar, which is why they are often compared to each other by customers.

There is a wide variety of orange juice options on the market that customers have to choose from. But many are very different from each other, and many orange juice options are not natural.

There are several kinds of orange juice that are artificial and are not going to have the original orange juice taste that you are looking for. While Tropicana and Simply Orange are considered to be very natural orange juice options sold in stores.

This is why it may be difficult to pick the distinctions between these two brands to find the best one. Keep reading to find out whether or not Tropicana or simply orange are the better option when it comes to natural orange juice.

Which Is Better: Tropicana or Simply Orange?

If you are trying to find the best orange juice, you may be comparing Tropicana vs Simply Orange. These are two natural orange juice options that are very similar, and are hard to pick a part to decide which one is the winner.

Tropicana Vs Simply Orange

Both of these orange juice brands make 100% natural orange juice that can be bought in stores. They are both very popular and are considered to be some of the best options on the market for pure orange juice.

They are also very similar, and how they are made, the ingredients, and what they taste like. Making it hard to decide which one is the clear winner as there is no real way to make this decision.

It really comes down to personal taste, as orange juice is going to be orange juice. With both options being natural, there are only so many differences that you will be able to find in these two options.

Though there are some customers who believe that the Tropicana is the better option as it has a better balance of flavor. With the perfect balance of sweet and tart for a refreshing and enjoyable glass of orange juice.

Though both options are very flavorful and have a good mixture of sweet and tart, as any orange juice should have. So it will mostly come down to personal taste and what you prefer and your orange juice.

Is Tropicana Better Than Simply Orange?

Now that you know some of the facts about Tropicana and Simply Orange, you may be wondering which one is healthier. This is another question that customers have if they are looking for a healthier orange juice option.

Though orange juice is considered to be pretty healthy in its own right, any kind of fruit juice is going to be quite sugar-heavy. Especially if it is not natural and has had sugar or high fructose corn syrup added to the recipe.

Because of this, not every orange juice is going to be healthy that you buy from the store. The Tropicana and Simply Orange are healthier options since they are made of 100% orange juice.

Both Tropicana and Simply Orange are very similar nutritionally wise, and one is not very healthy over the other. Tropicana contains more vitamins, such as:

  • Vitamin C
  • Niacin
  • Folate
  • Thiamin
  • Vitamin B6

Besides having higher percentages of these vitamins, Tropicana is not really considered to be more healthy than Simply Orange. They are very similar and are considered to be equally healthy when it comes to 100% orange juice.

It’s Your Choice

If you are a fan of orange juice, you may be wondering about Tropicana vs Simply Orange. These are very similar juices that are equally popular as far as we can tell when it comes to what customers prefer.

Both are made of 100% orange juice and are considered to be two of the healthier options compared to the competition. They have minimal ingredients with plenty of vitamins added, making this a healthier alternative to more processed juices.

These are also very big names in the juice world, so you shouldn’t have any issue finding either Tropicana or Simply Orange orange juice in grocery stores. Just about every grocery store will carry both of these options, no matter where you live.