Vue Food Prices

If you enjoy going to the cinema, Vue is one of the best places to go in the UK as it is the largest cinema option. Because of this, Vue also offers a huge selection of menu items that you can choose from when you go there.

This can really elevate the overall experience and make this kind of outing a very special treat. Vue food prices are also quite reasonable when compared to other cinemas in the UK and what is on their menus.


Small Popcorn £5.60
Regular Popcorn £6.00
Large Popcorn £6.50
Kids Popcorn £2.60


Candy Floss £3.99
Sweet Bag £3.89
Chocolate Pouch £3.99


Doritos £3.39
Sensations £3.39
Deli Crisps £3.39
Walkers Max Strong £3.39
Jacob’s Cracker Crisps £3.39

Hot Food

Regular Nachos £5.90
Large Nachos £6.40
Hotdog £5.30


Snack It (milkshake or soft drink, popcorn, and candy) £4.99
Coffee & Nibbles (hot drink and McVities Nibbles) £5.99
Kids Combo (soft drink or water, popcorn, and candy) £3.49


Water £2.99
Small Soft Drink £2.99
Regular Soft Drink £3.59
Large Soft Drink £3.99
Regular Tango Ice Blast £3.79
Large Tango Ice Blast £4.29

These are all of the menu items that you will find at Vue cinema in the UK, giving you plenty of options to choose from. This is quite a generous menu in comparison to other cinemas, as there is a full menu to choose from.

This is great as it allows you to really pick out what you are going to enjoy so that you can sit back and relax during the movie. It is also very helpful that there are kids options on the menu that help you to save a little money while treating your child.

Vue Cinema Food Is a Bit Overpriced

It is a common complaint that the Vue food prices are quite high when you compare them to prices at actual grocery stores. You would be able to find most of the same menu items in grocery stores at much cheaper prices.

Friends in the Cinema

This is something that people commonly comment on because they have to pay so much for basic food items. As the majority of menu items at the cinema are nothing special and are the same kinds of things you would find at other stores.

Unfortunately, this is the reality when it comes to going out to cinemas and buying snacks. No matter what kind of cinema you go to, you are going to be looking at much higher prices for the snack food items than you would elsewhere.

This often comes down to convenience as you do not have to get food from somewhere else as the cinema provides it for you. These are also special cinema foods that you would have to hunt down or make yourself, such as the popcorn.

These are things to consider if you are a bit surprised by the Vue food prices for what you are actually getting. No matter what cinema you go to, you are most likely going to be looking at the same kind of prices for the same kinds of foods.

So if you want to go out to the cinema and enjoy yourself, you may want to take the food into consideration for your budget. So that you know what to expect and you have a little extra besides your ticket money to get something off of the menu.

You Can Bring Food to Vue

Something that is relatively new to view that customers may not realize is that they can now bring their own food to the cinema. This is quite a surprise as the majority of cinemas are not going to allow customers to bring their own food.

For as long as we can remember, this has been a very common rule that has kept customers from saving money on their snacks. As cinemas did not want customers bringing their own food into the cinema and not buying the food from the cinema.

There are only two conditions that Vue has made for its customers in regard to them bringing their own food. This is that the food cannot be hot, and if you are bringing a beverage, it cannot be alcoholic.

You may be stopped, as you make your way into the cinema to be asked if you are following those rules if you clearly have food with you. But for the most part, these are very reasonable rules and still allow you to bring plenty of food options.

This can help you to save quite a deal of money by stopping at a cheaper grocery store to pick up your favorite snacks. Then you can treat yourself to a beverage or popcorn when you actually get to the cinema for your movie.

This is a great option that the majority of cinemas still do not allow, so Vue is really helping out its customers.

Vue Doesn’t Have Any Menu Deals

Many customers may be wondering if Vue has any menu deals that they can’t take a vantage of. This is a common question as customers may want to snag a deal on different menu items to save a little money.

Unfortunately, Vue does not offer any kind of deals or coupons on its menu items. The prices you see are the prices that you get, and you will rarely be able to find any lower prices available.

This cinema has never commented on why that is, but as far as we can remember, there have never been any menu deals available. Though there are deals when it comes to the tickets that you can buy, allowing you to snag tickets for cheaper.

If you are trying to save money when going to the cinema, this is going to be your best option as the tickets are the most expensive. You may be able to find special deals on tickets or get cheaper tickets if you wait for the right time.

You can also save money by bringing your own snacks instead of buying what Vue offers on its menu. You may still want to buy popcorn, but other than that, you can find all of these other snacks for cheaper elsewhere before going to watch your movie.

You may be able to get access to surveys that you can fill out that allow you to get one free popcorn on your next cinema trip. This was something that Vue offered in 2020, and it may still be available for customers.

Vue Popcorn Is the Most Popular Menu Item

If you are planning on going to the Vue to watch a movie, you may be wondering what the most popular menu item is. So that you know exactly what to get so that you are not disappointed with your choice.

It goes without saying that no matter what cinema you go to, the answer to this question is usually going to be the same. The popcorn is almost always the most popular snack option sold in cinemas amongst all customers.

This is because popcorn is a nostalgic and traditional snack that people like to buy when they go to watch a movie. It is a convenience finger food that is a crunchy and salty snack that still helps to fill you up a bit.

This can be a great option if you don’t want something from the hot food menu but also don’t feel like just eating a bunch of candy. As the popcorn is the perfect snack option that is savory but still light and enjoyable to eat.

A generous amount of butter is added to each order of popcorn, giving you the perfect salty and buttery snack. Many customers have also commented on just how flavorful the popcorn is and how perfectly light and crunchy the texture is.

The popcorn can be a bit dry on its own, and you may need to buy a drink along with it. That, or you could bring your own drink to help wash it down.

What Makes Vue Popcorn so Good?

It’s hard to say exactly why the popcorn at Vue is so good, but customers seem to think that it is exceptional. This may have to do with how it is popped, as each kernel of popcorn is perfectly popped and fluffy.

The addition of the butter sauce also helps to give the popcorn flavor and richness. Overall, the popcorn served at cinemas always seems to be better than the kind of popcorn you would make at home.