What Color Is Sake?

If you have never seen what sake looks like, you may be wondering what color sake is. This is a common question as many people are curious about this Japanese drink that is becoming so popular.

Though originating in Japan, sake is becoming more mainstream as people are trying this beverage out more and more. Creating a lot of curiosity about what this drink is and how it looks and tastes.

It can be a great beverage to try if you are a fan of Japanese culture and like Japanese flavors. Keep reading to find out what color sake is and how to tell if it is no longer good.

Sake Is Clear Colored

If you have never tried sake before, you may be wondering what color it traditionally is. Sake is typically clear, and color but can’t take on a slightly white or cloudy appearance, depending on where you got the sake from.

Japanese sake bottle image

Sake is a Japanese alcoholic beverage that is becoming increasingly popular outside of Japan. Many people are now aware of sake and have tried it at one point or another or at least want to try it.

This is an alcoholic beverage that is made from the fermentation of rice, creating a very unique flavor. It has a slightly lower alcoholic percentage, making it enjoyable for a large percentage of people, even if they aren’t big fans of alcohol.

Overall, this can be a great alcoholic beverage to try out if you enjoy Japanese cuisine.

Can Sake be Cloudy?

If you have bought sake, you may be wondering if your sake can be cloudy or if that is a bad sign. This is another commonly asked question as some people may be concerned about how the sake they bought looks.

It is quite normal for sake to have a slightly cloudy appearance to it. This goes hand-in-hand with the clear or slightly white color that you will often find in sake.

pouring sake into dishes

As a little bit of cloudiness is often to be expected, especially if you have shaken the bottle. As some sediment may naturally drift to the bottom, which creates cloudiness once it is stirred.

This does not usually indicate that the drink has gone bad in any way unless you see other signs. As there are some signs that you can look forward to making sure that your sake has not gone bad before you have gotten to drink it.

Filled With Particles

It is normal for sake to have a little bit of sediment that can stir up to create cloudiness. This is quite normal for a number of drinks and usually does not indicate that the drink has gone bad.

The only time that you should be worried about this is if you see actual particles floating in the sake. As this should not happen and could indicate that the drink has spoiled and should no longer be drunk.

If you see particles in your drink, this will often be paired with other signs that it has gone off. Such as a bad smell or a bad taste that is not normal for sake.


When you go to drink sake, you should make sure that the color is not discolored, as this could indicate that it has gone bad. Sake will often turn a light shade of yellow if the alcohol has been damaged and is no longer good.

Hand with Bottle Pouring Sake to a Cup

This happens when oxidation affects the alcohol, resulting in the drink spoiling on the shelf. In general, sake should never have any distinct color like yellow, red, or blue.

Bad Smell

If sake has gone bad, it will usually take on a rancid smell that is very noticeable. You will be able to quickly notice the smell and know that the drink has spoiled and should not be consumed.

This will often be paired with a bad taste, though you should not try tasting sake if it smells bad.

Final Thoughts

If you have never tried to say it before, you may not know that it is generally going to be a clear and slightly cloudy color. It should not be yellow or any other color, as that can indicate that it has spoiled.

Sake also should not have an unpleasant odor as this usually means it has gone bad, and you should not drink it.