What Does a Monster Energy Drink Taste Like?

What Does a Monster Energy Drink Taste Like?

Energy drinks contain a lot of caffeine, usually not more than what you have in a cup of coffee. Energy drinks are advertised as drinks that can provide both physical and mental stimulation. They are mostly carbonated, but sometimes they are not. Some of them contain sugar, while some don’t. Instead, they use other sweeteners like taurine, amino acids, and herbal extracts.

Monster energy drinks are the second-best-selling energy drink you can find out there, with the top place going to Red Bull. This ranking is determined by the amount of annual overall sales. So what makes the monster energy drink so special that it is ranked as the second best-selling drink in the world?

What does a Monster energy drink taste like? Monster energy drinks have 34 different flavors, so its taste differs except if you have a preference for one particular flavor. There is one thing all the monster energy drink flavors share in common; they are all fizzy drinks. It is sweet to drink, but the sweetness cannot be compared to that of syrup. It tastes more like apple juice with fizz. 

Depending on the flavor, your monster energy drink can taste like berries, passionfruit, oranges, peaches, lemon, and many more. In the energy drink market, monster energy drinks have a firm grip over 35 percent of the market share. With 34 different flavors, it is hard to not find one flavor to fall in love with.

Nutritional Benefits of Monster Energy Drink

Monster energy drinks do as advertised, they stimulate the physical by giving the body energy and stimulate the mental by keeping the mind sharp and alert. People of all ages continue to consume energy drinks. It is not unhealthy, but in excess, it could do some real damage. Especially to people with underlying health conditions or pregnant women. 

Let us take a look at the positive and negative effects that the consumption of energy drinks can have on the body.

The main ingredient in a Monster Energy Drink is caffeine but you have other ingredients like Sugar, herbal extracts, B vitamins, and amino acid derivatives like taurine and L-carnitine in play. These other ingredients add nutritional benefits to the body. 

Monster contains sugar, about 11 grams per can. Sugar is the main source of calories in the drink. The herbal extracts in Monster are Guarana and Ginseng. Guarana adds more caffeine to the drink, while ginseng could have a positive effect on brain function. The B vitamins in Monster energy drink play an important role by converting the food we take into our body to energy.

The positive effects of a Monster energy drink are that it can help people function when they are tired, and even help to improve overall brain function. People that work nights or multiple shifts might find themselves depending on energy drinks so they can concentrate and not fall asleep on the job. 

Monster energy drinks have been found to help improve the quality of work during these graveyard shifts and reduce sleepiness. Even in drivers who are sleep deprived. However, a study carried out on the use of energy drinks has shown that it is likely to negatively affect sleep quality after each use.

Culinary Uses of Monster Energy Drink

Aside from using monster energy drinks as a way to stay awake during graveyard shifts, or to keep yourself from falling asleep when you need to be awake, Monster energy drinks can be consumed in a leisurely capacity. Even if you would be having some swigs of monster energy drink in a leisurely manner, we need to remember that it could cause heart-related complications, insomnia, dependency, and dehydration.

If you must consume a monster energy drink, you need to watch your intake so it doesn’t affect your overall wellbeing. One can per day is a good measure of measurement. Monster Energy Drink contains a lot of sugar which could cause a spike in our blood pressure if taken in excess. It would also be best not to take it before working out or embarking on any strenuous physical activity.

Monster energy drinks are labeled as a dietary supplement, so they can be used to supplement your diet as long as you find a way to keep the caffeine and sugar intake in check. For nursing mothers and pregnant women, monster energy drinks should be regarded as a no-go. In order to avoid unwanted problems in the near future, it is best to moderately take energy drinks.

What is the Origin of Monster Energy Drink? How to Procure It?

Monster energy drinks were introduced by Hansen Natural Company. Today, that company that was founded in 2002 is now known as the Monster Beverage Corporation. It holds a big chuck in the energy drink market; 35 percent and comes in as first runner-up behind Red Bull in the rankings for the best energy drinks in the world. Monster Energy Drink has 34 different flavors and it is quite hard to identify the extract used in each of the flavors.

Monster Beverage as a brand supports a lot of things; you can find them sponsoring extreme sports events like MotoGP, Dakar Rally, UFC, and more. You can even find them in less extreme sports like Golf. They have a very intense hold on their brand name and are very quick to sue anybody that has the moniker “Monster” in their brand.

You can walk into any store or supermarket and pick up a can of monster in their beverage department. They are that easy to get.

What Does Monster Energy Drink Do to Your Heart?

Monster energy drinks contain a lot of sugar that can raise the blood pressure in the body and cause electrical disturbances in the heart. These electrical disturbances can upset the heart’s rhythm and cause problems for the heart.

Facts You Don’t Know About Monster Energy Drink

  • Monster is usually mixed with alcohol to create a unique alcoholic beverage. An example is the Monster Martini.
  • Some flavors of the monster energy drink can have up to 50 grams of sugar per can.
  • The Monster Beverage Corporation doesn’t make any coupons. They have a section on their website; to remind customers that they do not make coupons and any coupons they encounter are fake. This means you need to choose between buying Monster energy drink or paying rent at some point.