What Does Hennessy Taste Like?

What Does Hennessy Taste Like?

Alcohol is a drink that is as old as time itself. Hennessy is one of the most popular brands of cognac in the world. It is a French cognac distiller with its headquarters located in France. The name Hennessy is highly revered in the world of brandy and their Very Special (VS) bottling makes it stand out among other bottles of cognac. 

Cognac refers to a brandy made with grapes. These grapes are distilled instead of fermented. We discovered cognacs because of man’s desire to turn anything and everything into alcohol. The base bottle of Hennessy is a combination of over 40 distillations. The brand name is a benchmark of luxury and class that is known all over the world. If you haven’t had a taste of this luxury brandy, let’s tell you what it tastes like.

What does Hennessy taste like? These are different variants of Hennessy; each one is distinguished by alphabets. The alphabets represent their ages, taste, and price tags. The taste of Hennessy is described as strong; the base bottle of Hennessy has a soft texture accompanied by a hint of spiciness. The taste of V.S.O.P. is a balance between oak and grapes, the color is also deeper. X.O. has a spicy and woody flavor, it is lighter, and you can perceive the hint of toffee and spice. The V.S. is a blend between oak and vanilla, and it has a very smooth texture.

Depending on how far you are willing to dent your wallet, Hennessy has varying tastes, and you can rest assured that the taste gets better as the price tag climbs.

Nutritional Benefits of Hennessy

Alcohol has a bad reputation when it comes to health, but just like everything else, it only gets awful when it is consumed in excessive amounts. In moderate amounts, Hennessy holds surprising health benefits for the body.

A shot of Hennessy every day could be the secret to a very long life. You can’t sit back and expect to live a long life, you need to take care of your body and make sure you don’t abuse it in any way. In 1972, a 57-year-old woman was given a prescription to take one shot of Hennessy daily to help her poor circulation. She followed that routine every day, living up to the age of 106 before her death in 2021. That woman was Ida Keeling, an American centenarian track and field athlete. 

The lengthy and athletic lifestyle was not due to the consumption of Hennessy alone. Her daily routine of one shot of cognac, combined with regular exercise and a healthy diet, kept her alive for that long. 

However, there is scientific evidence that, when drunk in moderation, Hennessy could be of nutritional benefits to our bodies. It can increase antioxidant levels in our bodies, protecting cells from damage by free radicals and promoting heart health. An increase in antioxidant levels could help prevent issues like clogged arteries, vision loss, and even cancer. Due to its ability to help blood flow, Hennessy in moderation can help reduce the formation of blood clots in the body.

Hennessy might also be able to help reduce the risk of gallstones and type 2 diabetes. However, if Hennessy is taken without moderation, it could do the body a lot of harm. The recommended daily intake for cognac is one drink per day for women and no more than two drinks per day for men.

How to Drink Hennessy

This premium brandy can be had straight from the bottle, if you want to appreciate its subtle nuances, you can use a brandy snifter to enhance the experience since it captures the aroma of the drink. Hennessy is not a bad choice of drink after a long, stressful day at work.

If you are thinking of cocktails, the Hennessy V.S. (Very Special) is the best choice of all the Hennessy variants. You can reduce the bold character of the drink and tame it with any drink of your choice. Hennessy Black and Hennessy V.S. work very well with any cocktail recipe, Hennessy V.S.O.P. can be reserved for more refined recipes. You can try out cocktail recipes like Hennessy Hot Cocoa, Jack-o-Lantern cocktail, and many more. 

Origin of Hennessy

Hennessy is a cognac made in France, but this premium alcoholic drink was made by an Irishman, Richard Hennessy. He was born in 1724 in County Cork, Ireland. He left his home country to Europe, where he fought for Louis XV’s army. He founded Hennessy in 1765, with the focus on getting classy people drunk. 

Right now, Hennessy holds almost 40 percent of the total market share worldwide. The brand has Nas, the hip-hop star, in front of its campaigns and reigns supreme as the most favored drink in the nightlife. Hennessy doesn’t survive on a classy brand alone, it has a taste that every cognac lover appreciates.

Hennessy follows the standard set for all kinds of cognac, it is made in France, using grown Ugni White Grapes which are harvested mechanically, pressed for their juice which is then fermented into wine. The wine goes through a double distillation process before it is stored and left to age in wooden casks. Hennessy uses French Limousin Oak for its casks and has about 350,000 barrels undergoing aging at all times. The different variants of Hennessy are Hennessy X.O., Hennessy V.S.O.P. Privilege, Hennessy V.S., and Hennessy Black. 

Why Does Hennessy Give You a Hangover?

Alcoholic drinks that contain congeners will increase hangover symptoms. Congeners are a byproduct of the fermentation process that gives alcoholic drinks their dark colors. Hennessy has a dark color, so it contains congeners, the resulting hangover from overindulging in Hennessy might be stronger than that from light spirits.

Facts You Don’t Know About Hennessy

  • Hennessy Black is the youngest member of the Hennessy family, it was released in 2009 and is a great choice for people who prefer light alcoholic drinks like vodka or tequila.
  • Hennessy V.S.O.P. Privilege was first created for the then future King of England, King George IV. It was created as a special order, having to be aged for at least 15 years.