What Does Nutella Taste Like?

What Does Nutella Taste Like?

Did you know that the number of Nutella jars manufactured in a year can circle the globe over one and half times? Without a doubt, Nutella is one of the most common spreads in the world. It is popular for a lot of reasons, one of them being its versatility. It is possible that you haven’t heard of Nutella. So you might wonder, what is this thing?

Nutella is the name of the brand that produces a special sweetened hazelnut cocoa spread. I call it special because my love for chocolates makes this spread so appealing. It is manufactured by the Italian company “Ferrero” and has been around since the mid-1960s. Why do people love Nutella so much? Maybe if you know how it tastes, you would join the club.

What does Nutella taste like? Nutella tastes like a perfect blend of chocolates and hazelnut. It is sweet, but not too sweet to the extent of making you feel unappetizing. We have the American Nutella and the European Nutella due to a little difference in the ingredients used. The American Nutella is oily and has a flavor that is milder than the European Nutella.

People love Nutella so much that a couple in France wanted to name their baby girl after it. But a court in France prevented them from doing so. They had to call her “Ella” instead. 

We have established that this chocolatey hazelnut spread is well-loved, but what benefits can it bring to our bodies?

Nutritional Benefits of Nutella

Nutella has a lot of health benefits. Two tablespoons of Nutella contains 1g fiber; which is 3% of the 38g recommended for men and 4% of the 25g of fiber recommended for women every day. 

Fiber is very important in the body, it can reduce cholesterol levels. A healthy cholesterol level is synonymous with great heart health; it reduces the chances of developing heart diseases and lowers the risk of a heart attack. Fiber is not the only nutrient that Nutella offers, there are many more, and we will tell you about them.

Nutella contains more natural ingredients than other desserts that we have out there. It contains vanillin; which is a synthetic form of vanilla flavoring, but all the remaining ingredients are natural. You have a 100 percent hazelnut paste, each jar contains approximately 50 hazelnuts. You have skimmed milk powder; which is made by removing water from non-fat milk. You also have cocoa, which gives it that chocolatey taste, sugar, palm oil; for the creamy texture and spreadability then, soy lecithin to keep all the ingredients together. Soy lecithin is a fatty substance obtained from soybeans. 

A 2-tablespoon serving of Nutella contains 4% each of the recommended daily intake for iron and calcium. Iron is responsible for the production of red blood cells in the body and also helps to protect the immune system. Calcium, on the other hand, supports the health of the bones and teeth. It also regulates blood pressure and reduces the risk of strokes and colon cancer.

Nutella is great as a spread, but it contains quite a lot of saturated fats and sugar. So it might not be the ideal breakfast or something you overindulge in. Many people substitute Nutella for natural nut butter, but it is not as healthy. Nutella is delicious and has its own benefits, but it is best eaten as a dessert.

Culinary Uses of Nutella

How else can you use Nutella aside from eating it from the jar with a spoon? The obvious choice for Nutella is bread, It is the first thing that comes to mind. If you want it to taste better, you can toast it after spreading it. When you want to enjoy Nutella as it is, doing some snacking, you can add fruits to the mix. Nutella pairs well with bananas, apples, even strawberries.

When thinking about what you can do with Nutella, don’t forget that it is basically chocolate. If you want to make your coffee or make your drink of hot chocolate even better, add scoops of Nutella. This is great if you are on a budget because it will taste very rich and you couldn’t tell the difference between your drink and a luxe drink when you have Nutella in it.

Nutella also works well with oatmeal. Instead of having boring oatmeal for your breakfast, you can spice things up by adding Nutella, peanut butter, chocolate chips, and some bananas. I bet it now looks appetizing and interesting. Nutella is not limited to just being a spread, it can be more if you are creative with it.

What is the Origin of Nutella? How to Procure It?

The origin of Nutella is very interesting, ironically, we have Napoleon and Hitler to thank for the invention of Nutella. In 1806, Napoleon tried freezing the British Commerce so that he could win the Napoleonic wars, the resulting continental blockade made the price of chocolate skyrocket. Chocolatiers in Turin started adding chopped hazelnuts to chocolate, so they could meet the demand. What they created was known as Gianduia.

About 100 years later, chocolate became expensive because of the second World War. Hitler was making his Nazi war and chocolate became scarce because it was being rationed in Europe. Pietro Ferrero resorted to mixing hazelnuts with chocolate, this time around, it was called Pasta Gianduja. In 1964, it was renamed and branded as “Nutella”.

Nutella is being manufactured by the Italian company Ferrero, their production is large as Nutella is known worldwide. You can get Nutella in any grocery store you walk into.

What is the Best Thing to Make With Nutella?

The list is quite long. You can make popsicles; using frozen bananas and Nutella. Crêpes with Nutella also taste delicious. Crêpes with Nutella and Strawberries also work fine.

One of our favorite recipes is Warm Mini Chocolate Puff Pastries.

Nutella can be enjoyed in mini snacks, you can spread it on cookies to make cookie sandwiches.

Facts You Don’t Know About Nutella

  • When Nutella was first made, it wasn’t a spread, it was a loaf you could cut into slices and place on individual slices of bread.
  • The business of making Nutella has stayed in the Ferrero family. After Pietro passed away, his son Michele took over. When Michele died in 2015, his son Giovanni was already CEO.
  • Nutella is sold in over 160 countries.
  • The company that produces Nutella Ferrero, has been served lawsuits for advertising Nutella as part of a healthy breakfast. Nutella contains too much sugar and fat to be considered as something good to start the day with.