Whataburger Jalapeno Burger

If you often eat at Whataburger, you may have heard about the jalapeño burger that it offers as well. This is something that many customers are interested in, as Whataburger is well known for its amazing burger combinations.

This burger fast food restaurant has gained widespread recognition through its burgers as well as its other menu options. Becoming one of the best burger places to go to for any kind of burger that you may be craving.

And Whataburger still has many different kinds of burger options to choose from it still offers more alternatives as well. As it keeps creating new types of burgers to keep you intrigued and hungry.

Keep reading to find out more about the jalapeño burger from Whataburger as well as how many calories this burger has.

Whataburger Jalapeno Burger Review

What a burger is well known for the various burger options that it offers and its locations all over the United States. But you may not have gotten a chance to try the jalapeño burger from Whataburger, which has also become extremely popular.

onion rings and pickled jalapenos

This is a type of burger that really packs a punch and has an amazing flavor that you aren’t going to find anywhere else. When compared to the other burgers on Whataburger‘s menu, the jalapeño burger really stands out.

It is going to have a kick of spiciness from the jalapeños without being overly hot since jalapeños are not extremely spicy. Though this is a burger that spice lovers are going to love since it is going to have that heat that normal burgers don’t have.

This burger is also called a jalapeño and cheese burger, as it also has thick slices of American cheese. Perfectly melted to create a delicious burger that is sure to satisfy any burger cravings that you may have.

This is a burger that is especially popular in Texas as it has those classical Texas flavors. Creating the perfect alternative if you have tried other burgers on the Whataburger menu and want something new.

Jalapeno Burger Calories

Now that you know a bit more about the jalapeño burger at Whataburger, you may be interested in buying one. But before you do, it is important to understand just how many calories this burger has.

Especially if you find yourself eating out often, it is a good idea to pay attention to the calorie count for menu items. As certain menu items can be quite extravagant when it comes to how many calories they contain.

Whataburger especially tends to have higher calorie burger options than you would find at other fast food restaurants. As its jalapeño burger comes to 680 calories for a single burger, with the sides not included.

Because of this, it is a good idea to keep an eye on the amount of food that you get since this burger is very calorie dense. In fact, you would have to do quite a bit of looking to find a burger that is significantly higher in calories than this one.

You may be able to adjust the calorie slightly by asking for certain condiments to be left off of the burger. As well as making other alterations to it when you are ordering it depending on what you want to be added or not added to it.

Whataburger Jalapeno Burger Ingredients

With the jalapeño burger from Whataburger being so popular, you may be wondering what kind of ingredients this burger has. As every burger from Whataburger is slightly different and has a different list of ingredients.

That being said, there is nothing extravagantly different about the jalapeño burger from the other burger options. As there are only a few additional ingredients that make this burger unique from the rest in terms of flavor.

So you are not going to find any strange ingredients added to this burger specifically. Though you will expect to find a hefty amount of jalapeños to give it that kick.


The Whataburger jalapeño burger is made with a thin beef patty that is grilled to perfection. It is a flavorful and moist patty that you will most likely recognize for many of the other Whataburger menu items.

There is nothing spectacular about this patio or unique about it, it is a traditional type of patty that is delicious and satisfying. As well as having some additional flavor from the grilling marks during cooking.


A hefty amount of jalapeños are added to each burger to give it that bite and that spiciness. Though these are not going to be completely raw as they would be too spicy and crunchy, so they are lightly cooked.

This not only gives this burger a delicious kick of spice, it also gives it a jalapeño flavor. Something that many people enjoy as this pepper is very flavorful and makes a delicious addition to a burger.


The traditional veggies that you would expect to find on a burger are going to be on the jalapeño burger. Such as lettuce, tomatoes, and onions. Helping to give this burger additional flavor as well as texture and freshness.

hot Burger with meat and jalapeno

Something that is much needed since this is a very rich burger that could easily become overwhelming without fresh veggies.

American Cheese

American cheese is also added to this burger to bring the cheesy flavor that many people expect to find. This perfectly complements the jalapeño and creates a delicious and Rich burger that anyone could enjoy.

You could also ask for pepper jack cheese if that is something that you would prefer. Traditional burger condiments are also added to jalapeño burgers unless you specifically ask for them to not be added.