Yellowbird Habanero Hot Sauce

If you are looking for a unique and delicious type of hot sauce, you may have heard of Yellowbird habanero hot sauce. As this type of hot sauce has gained a bit of traction and popularity among people who have tried it out for themselves.

It can be difficult to find a type of habanero hot sauce that you really enjoy, as there are many options out there. And not every habanero hot sauce is going to be made equally, as they can contain very different types of ingredients.

So it can be difficult to know what brand of habanero hot sauce is going to be ideal for what you are looking for. As some are just going to fall flat and won’t provide the same kick and flavor that you are wanting.

Keep reading to find out more about Yellowbird habanero hot sauce and what kind of flavor this hot sauce has.

Habanero Hot Sauce from Yellowbird

If you have ever tried products from Yellowbird, you may be familiar with its different types of hot sauce. It also offers a Yellowbird habanero hot sauce that is very popular and has a unique flavor and list of ingredients.

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This is a unique and colorful brand of sauce that has a long line of hot sauce options that you can choose from. All are created with unique blends of ingredients to create interesting flavors and colors.

If you want a unique hot sauce option, this is definitely the brand to look into before buying any. As you’re sure to find something that interests you as this brand offers options unlike any other.

Those who are hot sauce connoisseurs should definitely give Yellowbird hot sauce a try, especially if they like a good kick. As the habanero hot sauce from Yellowbird is very unique as it has a slightly sweet and tangy flavor as well as spiciness.

The only downside to this brand of hot sauce is that it can be a little difficult to find in grocery stores. As it is not an entirely mainstream brand just yet and is still only sold in certain stores that you may not have access to.

Yellowbird Habanero Scoville Rating

Now that you know a little bit more about the habanero hot sauce from Yellowbird, you may be wondering what the Scoville rating for it is. As this is going to help indicate exactly how hot this hot sauce is really going to be.

This is very useful to know, as the level of heat can be very important when you are looking for a good hot sauce. As you may not be a fan of extremely hot, hot sauce options or that may be exactly what you are looking for.

Yellowbird states that its habanero hot sauce produces a Scoville rating of 15,580 to 54,535 heat units. This is far fewer heat units than the majority of habanero hot sauce options rated with Scoville.

So this rating means that the Yellowbird habanero hot sauce is going to be quite mild when compared to other options. Making this an ideal option for those who enjoy heat but don’t want it to be overwhelming.

This is most likely due to the other ingredients that this hot sauce includes. As Yellowbird wants its hot sauces to be flavorful as well as spicy so that they are not just hot.

Yellowbird’s Habanero Hot Sauce Flavor

Now that you know just how hot this habanero hot sauce is, you may be wondering what it tastes like. As Yellowbird is specifically known for its unique flavor combinations from the unique ingredients that it includes.

Some of the ingredients included in this sauce are onions, carrots, sugar, tangerine juice, and lime juice. So this alone tells you that this hot sauce is going to be quite unique when it comes to flavor compared to other habanero hot sauces.


Many people describe this habanero hot sauce as having a noticeably sweet flavor to it. This is most likely due to the large number of carrots that are in the sauce that helps to give a bulk and its color.

Carrots are naturally quite sweet, especially once they have been cooked down. So this sweetness clearly comes through but is a complementary flavor to the spicy habanero in the sauce.

Sugar is also added to this sauce, and the addition of carrots and sugar adds earthiness to the spiciness. Creating a nice balance that is not going to be overwhelming to hot sauce lovers.


The addition of tangerine and lime juice concentrate also adds a very unique tanginess to this hot sauce. This has a light citrus flavor that may catch you off guard if you are not aware of it.

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But it is not overwhelming and really complements the delicate and earthy flavor of the carrots in the recipe. The majority of the flavor that you get from the lime and tangerine juice concentrate is going to be the sourness.

As this combines with vinegar to create a nice tanginess that many hot sauces have.


Though this hot sauce is not nearly as hot as some habanero sauce it is, it is definitely going to give you a kick in the pants. As that spicy habanero pepper definitely comes through and is going to give your food a nice kick to it.

This combines with the garlic to create a very flavorful and strong sauce that packs a punch despite the addition of the sweet ingredients.